10 Best PUBG Mobile Emulator of 2019

Playing PUBG mobile with your smartphone can be an exciting experience, but you’ll even get a better one when using your personal computer (PC). However, in order to play these games on your PC, you will need to use a PUBG emulator.

pubg emulator

Therefore, what is a PUBG emulator? This is a software that enables one computer system to mimic another computer system. Basically, you can use applications one computer system on another connected computer system. Hence, here is a list of the 10 best PUBG mobile emulators of 2019.

Best PUBG Mobile Emulator List of 2019 for PC (Windows/Mac)

1. Nox Player


To begin with, Nox Player is arguably the best PUBG mobile emulator to have on your Windows PC. This software allows you to load applications on your PC that are downloaded outside the Google Play Store. That said, you simply have to use Nox Player as an emulator to enjoy the stunning Android experience with your PC’s gamepad. In fact, if you like to play warrior games, then Nox Player is tailor-made for you.

In addition, you can map out buttons or keys using this emulator to perform Android functions. Furthermore, it also utilises the Android stock version which is mainly developed for gaming. This emulator has so many other cool features such as; it’s free to use, you can install an array of apps, availability of video recording and screenshot options and fast gameplay and gamepad.

NOTE: Nox Player 6 is the most recommended PUBG emulator because it’s compatible with most PCs, supports gamepad or keyboard options and is x86 and AMD compatible.

• Supports multiple instances simultaneously.

• Totally green and free.

• Supports multiple GPS based games.

• Google Play Store supported.

• Still on Android 4.4.2 version.




2. BlueStacks


This is also one of the most highly recommended Android emulator in this list. It’s very popular among millions of users worldwide and despite the few complaints about its latest release; this mobile emulator still gives out reliable and quality services. To make it even better, it has an interface mimicking that of an Android tablet.

Meanwhile, you can choose to get either the paid or the free version depending on your budget. Although you’ll still enjoy using the free version, it’s mainly ridden with ads. On the other hand, the premium version will give you an ad-free experience. All in all, you’ll get a smooth PUBG gaming experience with this emulator.

As for the features, it enables different gamepad features, you can download games and apps, can install standalone APK files, and is compatible with most games and applications. Lastly, if you’re using Windows OS, Bluestack is the perfect emulator for you. In conclusion, this mobile emulator gives you an edge when it comes to running a wide variety of PUBG games.

• Compatibility with both mac and windows.

• Able to launch multiple instances.

• Ability to run on low-end computers.

• Custom keymapping


• Occasional performance hiccups.




3. MEmu Player


This is one of the most stable and reliable emulators to play PUBG, at least according to its CEO. That said, with its latest Android emulator version, there are numerous excellent features of PC gaming you’ll find interesting. For instance, you can use the F’ key to do a lot of things such as picking up a weapon, throwing a grenade or even drive using this single key.

For advanced users, you can switch to DirectX option. To add on that, you can make use of the remarkable joystick and keyboard mapping features and also play games using the wider screen. Besides that, it has a notable battery life enabling you to have a great time playing in a single player or multiplayer mode.

These great features don’t stop there; you can log into several accounts at once and enjoy a variety of games simultaneously. Furthermore, players can also install games, Play Store APK files or copied APK apps. If you’re a PUBG emulator lover and these features don’t excite you, what else will?

• Preloaded Google Play Store.

• Screenshot tool.

• Supports any APK file.


• Prone to crushing



4. Tencent Gaming Buddy

local install

Straight from Tencent Company, there is no better PUBG mobile emulator. Tencent Gaming Buddy is supposed to be your first pick from the list mainly because you can easily play games with this emulator. This means you’ll have a great experience with your mouse and keyboard controls. To add on that, the availability of the tilde button will significantly help you. This is because the back and forth movements away from direct controls are now straightforward.

Additionally, you will get enhanced gaming experience because you can easily use the mouse pointer, especially if you’re new to a keyboard command. At the same time, you’re given an opportunity to choose the best layout depending on your own preferences.

As for the performance of this emulator, it’s just outstanding. Running on KitKat 4.4, it’s very compatible with low-end PCs and plays under 60FPS frequency. It also has a whopping 1080p graphics making your visual experience very unusual.

However, despite being a little junky with an average framerate, this emulator will still give you the best experience. Moreover, the settings and configurations options will enhance your gaming experience just like playing PUBG on mobile with the only difference being a bigger screen.

• Fully optimised controls.

• Supports playing on low-end PCs


• Doesn’t support Google Play Games

• Average frame rate

5. Remix OS


What makes this PUBG emulator stand out from the rest is because it’s designed to target Android games running on Windows PC mainly. With access to 2 million plus Android games and apps, this mobile emulator is no joke. You can directly download it for free on any Android app store. Derived from Android-x86, you can enjoy this software on any of your PCs. Alternatively, you can download it in your USB drive and then boot it up.

As for the features, it has a menu bar just like the taskbar in your windows. At the bottom left corner, there’s the Jide logo button which triggers the app launcher through the start menu. On the desktop, you’ll find all your folder and application icons just like the Mac OS X. You can even resize the windows as well as access the several keyboard shortcuts.

• Access to Google Play Store apps.

• Great experience! Similar to Android.

• Access to all your applications and folders.


• Annoying program cursor.

• Typical phone apps don’t function unless the PC screen size is similar to your phone’s screen.

6. LD Player

LD player

Although many people are yet to know about this emulator, it’s among the latest and the best PUBG Mobile Emulators for Windows. LD Player will allow you to enjoy your PUBG mobile on windows and Mac PCs alike with stunning graphics hence, having a great gaming experience. To make it even better, it uses Kernel technology, making its operations fast and smooth compared to its competitors. In short, its operations are amazingly stable and well-organised.

With this emulator, you are assured of utmost comfort only using a mouse and a keyboard. Moreover, you’ll get amused by its multi-windowing ability. This means a single player can enjoy different games simultaneously bar any restrictions.

Also, users can play an array of other games despite this emulator being best suited for PUBG. If you are using a wider screen, you’ll find this emulator the perfect match for you. This is simply impressive, isn’t it?

• Offers amazingly fast and smooth performance.

• Simple controls and smooth gameplay.

• Best suited for mid-spec devices.

• Freely supports massive Android games.

• Supports play using mouse and keyboard.

• Supports multiple instances simultaneously


• Still relatively new to most users.







7. Andy


This Android PUBG mobile emulator connects both your PC and Android devices in a virtual world giving you the perfect for the gaming experience. Moreover, Andy provides you with unlimited storage capacity and is fully compatible with Windows and Mac devices alike. This gives you the freedom to enjoy most mobile games on any desktop freely.

Impressively, you just have to use your phone as a joystick. Also, thanks to the seamless mobile and desktop connection, you can now get SnapChat phone picture or even whatsapp messages anywhere and view it on your desktop. There are still several features available such as; you can download apps from any of your desktop browsers directly to Andy O, availability of a keyboard mapper and a full Android UI.

• The phone can be used as a remote control.

• You can sync app to mobile.

• Cloud save available in Android.

• Availability of desktop push notifications.


• Paid version requires an enterprise license.

• Buggy and slow if you don’t have significant resources.




The much anticipated NVIDIA GeForce Now for Windows is finally here. This subscription-based unique service enables you to use its powerful GPUs situated in the cloud instead of your computer’s GPU. This is to mean, NVIDIA GeForce is a server firm that has high-end processors and graphics cards. You still don’t get it, right? Well, you have to install and run the games via a remote server, meaning the only PC uses the emulator’s processors and graphics cards.

That said, you can play your favourite games such as Planet Coaster and Mad Max at ultra-high settings with some beautiful visuals. Also, with this PUBG emulator, you can use your Mac to play any PC game as it supports almost 400+ top games.

Additionally, essential features like AAA windows for PC games and ultra-streaming mode increases the games’ speed to your Windows PC, Mac or SHIELD TV. This is done at 120+ FPS; hence, latency is reduced. To experience the incredible cloud gaming with NVIDIA GeForce, all you need is a stable internet connection. You must also be a resident of either Europe or North America.

• Fast and stable 1080p60 video.

• Supports both Mac OS and Windows OS platforms.

• Instant installs.

• Cloud-based GPUs powered.

• Nicely designed UI.


• Resolution drops.

• Missing the subscription-based library.

• Requires fast internet speeds.

• Limited game collection..


9. Phoenix OS

pheonix os

This enhanced personal computer operating system is still relatively new in the market. It has excellent download speed because the files are hosted locally and is suitable for large-screen devices such as desktop computers, smart tablets and laptops.

Developed by Chaozhou Technology, Phoenix OS is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. To add on it, millions of mainstream Android apps are supported by this PUBG emulator. With Phoenix OS, there are a lot more features such as the classic start menu enabling you to comprehensively enter the system and the multiple windows operations which improve utilisation efficiency.

Also, it supports several familiar keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+V) for efficiency purposes. Furthermore, users can efficiently manage their notifications via the notification centre – an icon at the bottom-right corner.

• Advanced Chromium core supports the latest web standards.

• Compatible with an array of Android games and applications.

• Availability of regular updates – at least monthly.

• Supports Android OS up to Android 7.0.

• No longer supports the 32-bit OS version.

• No Google services-based apps.

• No ISO – meaning only exe files are installed.



10. Droid 4X


Recently, the world has experienced a steady rise in a cell phone or tablet gaming. That said, Droid 4X Android PUBG Mobile Emulator allows you to play these games and apps on a windows PC without breaking any sweat. This simple to use software brings you a virtual desktop onto your computer while at the same time granting you access to Google Play Store.

Droid 4X heavily relies on VirtualBox since it’s a virtual desktop hence, creating an environment that resembles the ARM processor. Another fantastic feature of Droid 4X is the ability to browse the web as you’d like. Also, it can provide a custom GPS location due to its ability to “corrupt” the Android GPS.

To make it even better, you can directly control your Android device’s functionality via your PC. This is because Droid 4X can use your Windows PC like a remote control. All in all, Droid 4X is a good option because it can emulate android interface and play APK apps alike. Keep in mind that this free to download freeware is licensed for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems.

• Smoothly runs dual operating systems.

• Remote controller options.

• Touchscreen support.

• Amazing graphics

• GPS simulation.

• No widget support.

• Only supports Android 4.4.2 or before.

• Made for Windows PCs only.

• Non-customizable default home screen.

• Doesn’t support 84-bit OS.


Did your favourite PUBG emulator appear in our top 10 list? Well, the above emulators will allow you to play PUBG Mobile fairly and smoothly on both Windows and Mac PCs. However, it’s advisable to play on computers with recently updated hardware and software to enjoy a clutter-free experience. Also, always go for an emulator that supports low-end PCs. Feel free to comment on our list in the comments section below.